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Blacknumbrs Expert Advisor: Your Path to Consistent Profits

Unlock the Power of Algorithmic Trading

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Inflation is running high, and your savings are at serious risk. Your purchasing power is dropping day by day. The Blacknumbrs Expert Advisor (EA) is designed for investors to protect and grow your wealth.

Discover the unique advantages of our live-monitored Blacknumbrs Expert Advisor (EA) trading bot. Unlike other algorithm-based trading software, ours is designed to identify the best buy and sell opportunities according to our requirements.

It will execute trades automatically when certain market conditions occur. Developed over many years, it uses advanced risk/return management techniques to enhance your position in the Forex market. Invest and trade like hedge funds and banks. Blacknumbrs EA brings you all the benefits of automated and algorithmic trading with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence executions.

Invest and trade like hedge funds and banks. Blacknumbrs EA brings you all the benefits of automated and algorithmic trading with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence executions.

Let’s explore why Blacknumbrs stands out

Verified Performance: Unleash the Potential

Trade Record: Blacknumbrs has consistently delivered impressive results over the past years. Our trading bot has a verified track record of over two years and is audited by MyFxBook, an independent analytics platform trusted by 3,000+ brokers and monitoring 5 million accounts worldwide. The freely available data shows that our strategies have generated 70%- 90% compounded annualized profits with a low, around 10% drawdown (an indicator of performance and potential risk).

Bot Trading: A Common Practice: Did you know that most professional traders rely on bots to execute their trades? Blacknumbrs leverages cutting-edge algorithms to make informed decisions on your behalf.

Safety First: Your Capital, Your Control

Rest assured, your funds are securely held in a segregated account with our trusted, licensed partner, Blackbull Markets. Blacknumbrs never has direct access to your capital, ensuring peace of mind. We prioritize your financial security.

Accessibility and Flexibility: Tailored to You

No Entry Barriers: Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a beginner, Blacknumbrs welcomes you. There are no minimum deposits or complicated requirements. Start with what you’re comfortable with.


Managing your investment is easy with Blacknumbrs: Life happens, and we understand. Simply adjust your investment as needed without any hassle. Add or withdraw funds anytime to suit your financial needs.

Passive Income Made Easy

No Trading Knowledge Required: Blacknumbrs generates passive income without any effort on your part. You don’t need to be an expert trader or spend hours analyzing charts. Let the bot work for you, and start envisioning a future of financial freedom.


Successful in its Third Year: Blacknumbrs has been running successfully since early 2022. Trust in our proven track record and let your investment grow steadily.

Partnering with Blackbull Markets

​Your Broker of Choice: When you invest in Blacknumbrs Expert Advisor, you transfer your funds to Blackbull Markets, a reputable and regulated broker. BlackBull Markets is a highly recognized and regulated forex broker serving tens of thousands of traders from 180+ countries, energetically pursuing opportunities to improve our clients’ platform trading experience further.

Blackbull Markets provides a seamless trading experience, competitive spreads, and top-notch customer support. Visit Blackbull Market​ to learn more.

​Performance Fee Structure

Available only through Blackbull Markets, our Blacknumbrs EA bot works seamlessly to deliver consistent results with minimal oversight. At the end of the month, BlackBull Markets will execute a 50/50 profit split on your actual gains for that month, and your share of profits will continue to compound for the next month of trading activity – it is that simple.

Your success is our success, and we will achieve it together!

Our service in a nutshell

  • Invest in major banks and hedge funds with proven artificial intelligence models.
  • We will never have access to your funds.
  • Only you can connect the AE trading bot to your broker account.
  • You don’t need accreditation; there are no entry barriers. You can create your free account with Blackbull Markets, fund it, connect the bot, and start. Complete automation for you while we maintain the trading bot.
  • There are no minimum deposits. You can add more or withdraw funds anytime (allow 24-48 hours to close open trades). You can manage activity through your account and opt out at any time.
  • Daily emails about the performance, complemented by a monthly summary statement.
  • Don’t trust our words. Our bot success can be viewed and tracked live via MyFXBooks, a reputable third-party assessment platform. Our performance is tracked, verified, and publicly available.
  • Helpful guidelines for your BlackBull account opening.

You are just three steps away

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Create your free account with our partner broker, Blackbull Markets. Joining is easy. Click here to create your account and follow these guidelines for a smooth and fast account setup.

Add Balance

Fund your account (No minimum Deposit).

Funds Arrive

Once your funds arrive, typically within 24 hours, you can connect the bot, and our Blacknumbrs EA-bot will start trading with your funds.

Who We Are:

We are a team of senior forex traders, business strategists, and top-tier software developers. We’ve invested three years in development, testing, optimization, and tweaking to bring you this clean, straightforward investment experience. Our dedication and expertise assure a reliable and profitable investment experience. Have inquiries or need assistance? Email us at, we would be delighted to help you.

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